Guide to download your E Aadhar Card

Have you issued your Aadhar Card and have successfully verified it but didn’t received it for long time? Then don’t worry you can still get it. All you have to do is to follow the step-by-step guide that we will discuss below. This e-Aadhar is very useful as you can get it before Aadhar Card reaches to your door step through mail. Yes, you heard it right you can get it simply by printing it from your PC!

So, we have made this content which will guide you on How to download your E-Aadhar Card Online

  • First Of all head over to UIDAI E-Aadhar Card Download Portal.
  • Enter the required information that is asked on the page you are directed to. Details like ., enrollment no, date and time and your receipt number. Enter your Postal Code , solve the captcha and click on submit.
  • Now there are two chances, either your  Aadhar Card is generated or your Aadhar Card is under processing or say not yet generated.

Whatever be the cause don’t worry we will guide you on what to do in both the cases. So stay stunned.

What if your Aadhar Card is Generated?

Now as your Aadhar Card is generated then you will not face any problem with printing your e-Aadhar card. Now once you select this option you will be redirected to another page and then follow the instructions which will be listed below:

  1. Enter your Enrollment number and the active mobile number.
  2. Now you will receive an OTP on the Mobile Number you enter and you will need to enter it within 60 seconds.
  3. Now after entering the OTP you received and your e-Aadhar card will be displayed to you.
  4. Download your E-Aadhar Card.
  5. Now you can easily print your e-Aadhar card.

What if your Aadhar Card is not Generated?

As said before, if your Aadhar Card is generated then you will not face any kind of issue in getting your e-Aadhar card. But if it is not generated then follow the steps given listed below:

  1. “ID provided by you is not available. Please check back after few days”- If this error prompts up then you will have to be wait more some more days or few weeks. The reason your are seeing this error is because your ID has not yet reached to the main office. And sorry to say but this takes a lot of time. So, all you can do is to wait till the ID reach the main office.
  2. “Your Aadhar enrollment has failed. Your Aadhar number could not be generated due to a data/process error in your enrollment. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrollment centre”- Now this means that your ID has reached to the main office but there might be some kind of error in the ID and it is not matching with the data present in the main office. Now all you can do is to visit Aadhar Card Enrollment Center and ask them about the issue, most probably they will solve it.

This was a complete guide on How to download your E-Aadhar Card and what all you need to know if it is not generated. Hope you liked this article and if yes then please do share it and comment below if you have any queries regarding this article. We will be happy to serve you.

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